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Nature has presented us with a variety of colours. A pure white light giving life to a rainbow. Each colour speaks for itself with an emotion. Like the feelings within us in diverse shades. Sometimes light, sometimes dark, the spectrum of these hues is within us and continue to nurture. As we grow, we learn to express and communicate our emotions. A simple expression turns into a verse and the collection of these words, curates into a story. A journey of life, with a variety of emotions, is painted into a poetry of colours. We present to you the Rainbow Poetry Project. We have a theme to represent each colour. You can choose your own theme or write in your free will.

Artson Publishing House
Artson Publishing House
Artson Publishing House
Artson Publishing House
Artson Publishing House
Artson Publishing House
Artson Publishing House

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“India’s Premium Poetry Publishing House”

Artson Publishing House

Artson Publishing House, based in India, is one of the fastest growing self-publishing platforms. We are a Premium Poetry Publishing House focusing majorly on publishing poetry books and helping poets. We help writers to create, edit, and beautify their poetry books to prepare for publishing.

We have been working with Poetry Writers for the past 5 Years. In these 5 Years we have published 35 poetry books in English, Hindi, and Urdu. We also hold regular Writing Contests and Writing Workshops for poetry writers to help them sharpen their skills and get better at the art of poetry writing.

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Since childhood, I have carried with me a deep passion for writing. I started writing ‘Plunged’ in tenth grade and never even imagined that it would get published a year later. From submitting my first draft to polishing it till the final one, Artsons has helped me immensely throughout this beautiful journey. The best aspect is that Artsons has extremely personalized services, and sincerely acknowledges every writer’s unique voice. I am extremely grateful for this wonderful experience with Artsons and thoroughly appreciate the efforts of their entire team!
Vaidehi Gupta
Author - Plunged
Working with Soniya and her team at Artson has been a very rewarding experience. Right from the first conversation that my grand daughter had with Soniya, it has been such a memorable journey to see my book come to life. She gave a chance to a debutant author and that too at an age like mine! Soniya was not just an editor for the book but also related to the sentiments behind why I wanted to publish this book and what the poems in it meant to me. She connected with me on a personal level and her handwritten note in the digital era overwhelmed me! The love and respect she gives to her authors is what makes her stand out from the rest.
Nirmal Arora
Author - Saurabh
I first started working with Artson Publishing House in early November 2018. Throughout the process of publishing my book, Behind The Lens, I have gotten the chance to get to know their team. Soniya Kapoor who is the founder of this excusite company is incredibly helpful and makes it very easy and fun to communicate regardless of the drastic difference in our locations; Both the designers and editors were also insightful and always took my opinion into account to make sure that the anthology turned out exactly the way I wanted it. Regardless of where you’re from, who you are and what message you’d like to convey, Artson is efinitely the way to go. I was impressed by both their team and the quality of the books. During my time working with Artson Publishing House, they have displayed experience, passion and amazing communication skills. All in all, it was absolutely delightful working with them and if I were to publish another book, I would do it with them in a heartbeat!
Nasirah Kathrada
Author - Behind the Lens
Sometimes you need a little nudge to understand what you truly need. I proudly say that my journey from being a scribbler to a writer was under the guidance of “Soniya Kapoor” from “Artson Publishing House”. She is more like a mentor, a friend and sometimes a strict teacher too 😊. I respect her more and more each passing day as she is the one who made me understand the quality that we writers should always look for. Anyone can write and anyone can publish ...isn’t it !? I came to know Soniya when I had around 7 books published and was not happy with quality of the books. I got the professional touch only after working with Artson and came to know how we should work with publishers and not just any random compilers just at a mere petty cost to get published. I worked with “Artson Publication” for my book “Date with Poetry” and working on another project currently and I am proud to get such a person who is always transparent and never ever compromise on the quality. Working with Artson is like an emotional attachment now as they just happen to know what my writer inside wants.
Pritha Ghosh
Author - A Date With Poetry