12 Jan

This was the first social project of Artson Publishing House.

“Ability on Wheels” by Harish Kumar is a book that provides “hope”. Hope to those who are living with physical disabilities/ challenges and want to compete with the world; break the monotony of dependence on others for their mobility from Point A to B; be able to drive their own vehicles, be self-reliant and show to the world that it’s not their disability but the disabling environment – both physical & attitudinal which restricts their journey to self-actualization. This is first of its own kind and unique initiative to promote motor driving by persons with physical disabilities legally.

The book is enriched by personal experiences of Harish in his quest to prove that disability is only in mind and we become what we think. In addition to Harish’s own experiences, the book also cites live examples of grit and determination of Navin Gulia (a gentleman cadet) who became paraplegic during a freak incident during his training, Satendra Singh (a doctor & a polio survivor) who has been vocal on barriers that plague the society & disability community, Jaipal Singh (Asst Manager in State Bank of India, a right arm amputee due to electric shock during childhood), Kavita Modi & Pallav Pathak (students at the Motor Driving Training school for the physically challenged), who successfully became drivers with disabilities and emancipated themselves with their sustained efforts & determination despite a discouraging system.

Foreword by: Subhash Chandra Vashishth

Amazon.in: www.amazon.in/dp/9385792342

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